Processes – Pickle Line


Hydrochloric acid is used to pickle material in four pickling baths of which the free acid and dissolved iron are controlled to ensure a clean surface.

The entry section of the Pickle line consists of 2 pay off reels, a stitcher and a horizontal accumulator, sufficient to ensure a normal running speed through the pickling section.

The pickle section consists of four pickle baths connected to four acid recirculation tanks. Acid fumes generated by the pickling process are extracted with a fume exhaust system. The pickling system consists of a full turbulence system where the strip is supported in a catenary and does not drag along the bottom of the tank.

The acid recirculation system is using a counter flow turbulent system and regulates and controls the temperature and concentration of acid in the baths by circulating it from the storage tanks to the pickling baths.

The cascade rinse system also consists of a counter flow system to rinse material after pickling to ensure as little possible chlorides on the strip.

The strip dryer removes any moisture from the surface by impact blowing. A steering unit keeps the strip in the center position by scanning the strip edges. The side trimmer is of turret type and trims material to required width by automatic blade adjustment. Side scrap is dealt with by the use of a scrap chopper and removed from the line by a conveyor system. If required, material can be oiled by the in-line electrostatic oiler.

Line Parameters
Strip Data Strip Thickness 1.2 to 3mm
Strip Width 775 to 1560mm
Coil Data Coil Weight 5 to 28ton
Outer Diameter 1880mm Max Exit
Inner Diameter 508mm or 610mm Exit